Finished Nitrous Installation

Before you ask, no it hasn't blow'd up yet and yes, it's very fast. Only shooting a 15(hp) shot but it hits very hard, not violent but the bike pulls soooo strong it makes you forget how fast the bike is without it. Not much good in first and in second, you only get to use it for a bit. Third gear is like a train has rearended you.

I made the brackets for it all, including the holder for the control box in the back. The fuel line curves like it does to allow full access to the carb. Everything was powdercoated to match the other bits on the bike.

Like it or love it, I submit it for your enjoyment.






wow... that's amazing. Thanks for sharing. You should post a video when you get a chance.

Ohhhhh man. Nitrous in the dunes!!!!! That would be the most insane feeling. That's gotta be fun.

WOW. Thats awsome. I agree w/norcal. A vid is definately in order.

Please dont let stewart see this. :worthy:

That is sick n a half

Did you take it up to the drag strip?

If so what was the time n speed?

In Illinois, the dragstrip closed in early November but there is a "Hangover Nationals" Jan. 1st so I'm planning on taking it then. I'll probably only go through the 1/8th mile with it though. I'm getting a Jr. Dragster for my 9 yr old and that will be his drag racing debut. We're taking his crf50(88) as the tow vehicle, should be a fun day. (I will make sure the camper has plenty of LP that day.)

I'll try to take some video of it even if it's just on my camera.

Thanks for the compliments, they are appreciated, it was a labor of love.

Have you gotten a chance to race any street bikes yet? If so, what bikes and howd it go?

Dude! SWEET! How long did it take you to complete the install? Nice job, looks great. You've gotta post some vids up of that thing!

Sickly Sweet!!! How do you keep it on 2 wheels?

Looks good. I love the spikes in the front fender!

I bought the kit used on eBay for $400, I have probably another $100 in materials and powdercoating. If I didn't have to wait for the coating, it would have probably only taken about 2 weeks working just a few hours each night on it. ( I take my time on these type things, details, details, details. )

I haven't raced any street bikes but really want to just to try it. In the midwest, there aren't any street bikes out now so maybe I'll get to line up with one Jan 1st.

It's pretty controllable, the small shot doesn't overpower the bike. Everything else on the bike is all stock (jetting fixed). The bike is actually a WR with all the YZ stuff done to it except the exhaust cam timing. (Waiting to get a auto-decomp cam). The guy I bought it from used it on his 650 quad in the dunes, he eventually hurt his motor by not adjusting the jetting on a really cold day (BIG NO NO!) But he was also using a 30hp jet.

I just finished up everything on the bike here in November so I didn't get a chance to drive it on the street much, only 30 miles. I just tried the nitrous on a country road that was nice wide and flat. So to date, it hasn't been dropped yet. I've sissyfied the bike with so much cosmetics that now I'm probably never getting it in the dirt (aside from SM racing) again. I have an '01 YZF250 for that.

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