24 hr race on a WR?

I am planning on prepping two 2000 WR400s for the 24hrs of Glen Helen next October.

Has anyone here race (or know someone who has) a WR in a 24hr race?

I am planning on running a single Baja Designs 8" 100watt halogin light on the bikes and also two smaller units on our helmets.

I normally change my oil far before 24 hours of actaul riding. Any thoughts on running a bike for 24hrs with no oil changes?

One thought was to prep one bike for night and one for day. Then we would only have half the wear on each bike.

I guess I am also looking for common problems with these bikes. Maybe in Baja or just desert racing. I am also looking for advise with the race.


I'm not positive, but I think the WR400 stator only puts out 75W. If you know the history of the bikes, then I don't think it will be a problem. My 99 WR400 just keeps on ticking, my riding buddy keeps telling me to buy a new Husky like he has but I can't justify it when this Yamaha runs so great.

130 watts on the 2000 WR.


From what I have read... The pre 2000 prduces 85 watts and the 2000 and newer product 130watts

So, no one here has actually raced this race on a WR?

I do know the history of both bikes, and on top of that I will be going through both engines completly before the race. Bith bikes have gold valves front and rear and are very very simular in valving. I am going to try to convince my Dad (the owner of the second bike and one of the riders on the team) to install a Scotts Steering Damper to match mine. And, I am hoping that between now and then he realizes that my CR high bend bars are the ideal bend for him. I have also done the foot peg mod to lower the pegs and I am going to try and get him to try them. Other then that our bikes will be as close the same as possible.

His bike is a 99 and mine is a 2000 (canadian model) So, we are gong to install a 2000+ stator so both bikes can run a light if needed. Does anyone know if there will be a problem with this?

Any advise, wisdom is welcome.

Big Tim, The Wr will do fine, you need to ride a lot. Air filters, heavy duty tubes and tires for the conditions. Oil changes never hurt, but have some one not riding work on things. Riders get goofy after lots of saddle time and any loss of time will haunt you. The 8 inch light is good, the helmets lights should run on a battery pack not off the bike. Food to eat and liquids! Post the riding times on a board in you pit. Have a bike and rider on the ready in case some thing goes wrong. The bike is the easy part.


Thanks! That pretty much what I was looking for. I know the bike is the easy part.

i have done a 24 hour event on my WR.

it did well. the oil was fine. changed it before and after.

good luck!

I wrenched for two teams at the 24GH year before last, and one was a WR450 and the other an XR650. The owner of the WR wanted the oil changed half way through, so I ran the engine for 15 minutes (well before the race) and then drained only the frame. Using the amount of oil that was drained as a guideline, we figured out how much we would need to replace to refill it to 1.5 qts total in the system on a tank-only oil drain. (I know that's technically overfilled, but the WR450 actually has the same oil capacity that the older bikes do) When the actual oil change came down. I had a helper drain the oil at the same time I was adding the new stuff to save time (you wouldn't be able to do that on a 400/426 because of the filler location). I tightened both the drain plug and the filler cap myself. The entire thing took less than two minutes.

As far as lights are concerned, the two spots on the track in '05 that we could have used more (both bikes had double halogens) was at the top of a downhill up in the back of the course, and at the step up at the top of Mt. St. Helen going up. In both cases, it was a lot like riding out of the back of an airplane into total darkness, especially the downhill. :thumbsup:

If you go 8" HID you save a lot of Watts but get brighter light and better colored light. They only take like 35W and are about 3 times brighter. Try the TrailTech lights at www.trailtech.net

Thanks for the oil change advise. I think we are going to run it with now change.

As far as the lights go. we will have duel HID headlamps as well as the 8" headlight.

Are you saying that the 35w HID is 3 times brighter then the 100w Halogin?

One of my thoughts was that I could afford to have two 100 lamps instead of 1 35w HID. And I have also read that the HID are less dependable, and I have also noticed that the top baja guys are still running Halogin.

HID bulbs are supposed to last 10 times halogen bulbs.

Most Upper class european cars like BMW and Mercedes have HID standard.

A 55W Halogen is a romantic candle light compared to 35W HID.

A 100W Halogen is good light but it takes a lot of power and a lot goes into producing heat.

The color of the Trail-Tech HID is not yellow but bright white, which I find better.

Try to find someone close to you, that has such light, to see the light in action.

It is amazing.

Here is my dilima...

I am doing a 24 hr race. I have to bikes to prep. I can get one HID 8" light. Or, i can get two 100watt halogen 8" lights (one for backup) and helmet lights for the team.

Would you rather have spares, and helmet lights for a 24hr race, or one HID?

I have also heard that people are having problems in long races with the balast on the HID. It has also been pointed out that the top 10 or so teams that finished the Baja 1000 was running the Halogen.

So, what would you do?

I am familure with the difference between the Halogen and HID nightrider lights and it is big. But, I would feel pretty stupid if someone on the team crashed and we were out of lights because the one light we had was dead. And, the other note, is that I see a lot of teams just running stock lights with head lamps and they seem to be doing fine. So, I think that the 8" 100watt should do pretty well. I hope...

(I know that's technically overfilled, but the WR450 actually has the same oil capacity that the older bikes do)

Can you expand on that? Any problem with running 1.5 quarts instead of 1.27? My Rekluse gets a little hot on the really technical rides, and a little extra oil capacity might be a good thing.


I have run 3 24 hour races on my '02 WR 426. One flat tire, one broken handguard, and one missing silencer endcap and baffle. As just one rider on a team, I only put around 130 miles or so on my bike each time, but the WR is a great bike for the job.

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