Will I fit a XR650L?


I am thinking of importing a XR650L here to the UK where I am posting from. The spec and dual-sport with an off-road bias character of the bike sounds perfect, my only concern is whether I will find the seat height way too much.

I am five foot ten and a half inches tall but must be quite long legged for my height in that I find I fit the XR650R just fine, can get both feet flat on the ground and feel very secure.

My question comes down to whether the XR650L feels taller than the XR650R? If there is only a little difference between the two when one sits on them for real I should be fine. Has anyone sat on both and noticed any major difference in seat height?

Hard to tell just from the spec sheets as the softness of the suspension and width of the seats matter a lot.

Thanks for your time and help but have not found a XR650L here in the UK to go and try out… only a XR650R.

All the best,


If you can straddle the xr650R fine you should have no problem with the L.

Though I question your motive behind the cost of the import? The R model is a superior bike both tech. wise and in capability. I ride an L and find myself modifying it to keep up with a mostly stock R model, and cant quite do it with the stock compression ratio etc... If you want a commuter that will run forever the L is a great choice, and its great for trail riding. But I would not reccomend it for anything more serious! Good luck with your endeavor, and welcome to TT.

I added a Performance Design lowering link to my "L". Not because it was too high to ride or commute on, but because it was too high for dabbing my foot effectively off road. I'm 5'10.

Before you spend any money on lowering the bike make sure the shock is set on it's lowest pre-load setting and drop the front fork in the triple clamp 1/2". Brings the L down to earth and quickens up the steering. You can also carve the seat down a little if you need to.

My wife is 5'10" 36" in seam and she has no trouble on the street with one


Thanks for your replies… I appreciate it and it has reassured me that I would be OK seat height wise.

My reason for going for the XR650L rather than 650R is that I am somewhat worried about the amount of high end maintenance the 650R may need. When I looked carefully at the CRF250/450 I was shocked by the frequency of the major service intervals. The valve checks for example.


All the best,


I'm 6'2" tall, with a 34" inseam, and I didn't care for the excess seat height on my XR650L (I'm way past the 'jumping' stage of my riding life) ... I installed the Kouba-Link, and the Corbin Dual-Sport seat ...now, the seat height is just about right, with plenty of ground-clearance, etc ... pics on "My Garage" ... :thumbsup:


You have got yourself a great looking bike…. just the job… thanks for the hints. Great mods.

I may well follow your example.

All the best,


Hi Kip, I am 5'8" and bought a XR650L in Sept of 05 without even looking at one, when I went to the dealer to pick it up I was overwhelmed with how tall it was. First thing I did was to put a PD lowering link on it and dropped the forks about an inch and a half in the tree. It helped a great deal. I love how high you sit. In the spring I will be putting a new set of 17" supermoto rims on it and I will have both dirt and street wheels for it. You can see the lowering link here.


From what I have heard the maintenance on a xr650R is not much more than a xr650L, and you could probably do a couple of top end rebuilds for the import costs on a L model. Just a thought. Plus the power is already there just needs uncorking. If I were still in the UK, I would have to wait until Ducati turns the hypermotard loose, now theres a high maintenance bike!

You'll be fine!!

Im 5' 8" and have noproblem riding the 650L on or off road and the seat height was left at stock just like I bought it! Float the sides well..than no problem but im sure if you hit certain riding areas.....it could be a problem.....lololol.

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