2000 yz426 trail mod questions

If you plan on hare scrambles, and you dont want to stop for gas, you will have to put on a larger tank, riding for 3 or 4 hours and racing for 2 straight hours are 2 diffrent ball games.

I race hare scrambles every month, I am not very fast, I usually finish mid pack, and at around the 1 hour mark I come in for gas, I dump in 3/4 of a 2 gallon can, I have finished races without stopping if I install my clarke tank, but it is pretty close. But I have gone back to the stock tank and a pit stop because it is much easier to move around on the bike with the narrower stock tank, and in a 2 hour race I just dont think a 1 minute stop for gas is gonna hurt me that much.

I run 14/52 gearing on trails and 14/50 at the track, Emig Racing triple clamps, protaper Henry bend bars and a FMF power core 4 with a spark arrestor. That Pipe really widens the powerband.

Call me old fashoned, but I rode a friends bike with a rekluse, and had trouble getting used to it, I will stick with the lever, with the torque of the 426, I dont use the clutch that much anyway.


And I forgot to mention the best mod of all for the YZ in the woods. Change out your petcock to the WR one with the reserve, it's all of $20 and worth every penny.

I ordered one about 2 weeks ago. Just waitin for my dad to help me.

I run Hare Scrambles on the east coast, and run:

Rekluse auto clutch

Protaper bars with Cyrca guards cut to 29" wide (including bark busters)

WER steering stabilizer

Maxi cross intermidiate tires

14/51 gearing

Power bomb header, modded mid pipe and T4 can

Works very well

How do you like the wer stabilizer? Justin Williamson runs one and it looks to be pretty well out of harms way but how well does it function and how does it install?

I ordered one about 2 weeks ago. Just waitin for my dad to help me.

The reason I called the WR petcock w/ reserve the best mod for the woods you can put on your YZ, is cause when you run out of gas an hour from your truck, all those other mods you did kinda seem useless.:devil:

It's good peace of mind, you'll be glad you got it.:thumbsup:

I have a clear Clarke tank, a true gas gauge.

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