Wet sump

If I wan't to wet sump my 05 YZ-450 do I need to do anything more than block off the two lines that go to the frame? Also does anyone know how much oil it will hold when done? The weight seems to be up high on this bike and it is standing up in corners so was wanting to get rid of some of the sprung weight. The DRD radiator lowering kit is not offered for this bike, anyone have any suggestions?

There's a lot more to it than blocking off the oil lines. The oil pump itself must be modified in order to pick feed oil up from the sump. Dr.D used to sell a kit for the purpose.

It will end up with a capacity of less than a quart, which means more frequent oil changes and quicker heating of the oil supply. IMO, its a bad mod for anything other than an all-out race only effort, and won't yield any spectacular improvements in handling. Better to save up and trade up to an '06/7.

Convert a dry sump to a wet sump, fascinating.

You'll lose power, oil control & proper lubrication. A dry sump is way better than a wet sump in almost all regards. Consider the gas tank foam to better your handling.

I don't think you could do it effectively.

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