Rode my new to me 426 this weekend

WOW is all I can say at this point. We went to the railroad beds figuring it would be a good place to get used to the bike. Well this thing is awesome! The power was excellent, coming off a 250 two stroke this bike feels more like a motorcycle. I have never had a four stroke & need to start riding it like a four stroke. I found out today when I let it lug in second gear I can pick my way through some tight stuff. My buddy described it the same way after getting off his YZ, it just feels like a motorcycle. You can certainly feel the extra weight, I am sure when I get into a tight trail this may become more obvious. I can see this bike will be quite a handfull until I get some more time under my belt. BTW, I just started riding again after a 5 year lay off.

A little back ground on the bike, it is a 2001 YZF 426. I found it on this site & bought it from a real nice guy. The bike is in excellent condition is probably the real reason why I bought it & tried a four stroke. I replaced a 1992 RM 250 with this bike which is a complete night & day difference. I paid a fair price for the bike. He had been trying to sell it for some time I guess. I paid $1850 & the bike was in excellent condition with a ton of add ons. Excell rims, Talon hubs, Easton bars, Moose handguards, GYT top triple clamp, Yosh exhaust, brand new Maxcross IT's front & rear, new chain & sproket plus an extra tank & seat. I have no clue why someone else didn't get it before me but THANK YOU.

My first thought yesterday when I cracked the throttle was holy crap this thing is going to kill me :D After a little while I was getting used to it & it just felt so nice & smooth. The suspension is set up for 200 lbs & I am 250 but it still felt great. The chasis fits me perfectly & it feels prety stable until you get up into fourth or fith gear, then the headshake starts. I didn't realize how fast I was going until my friend caught up with me & told me he couldn't keep up with me. It just felt like I was cruising comfortably. Again today the bike just feels happy in fourth gear cruising the railroad beds.

The headshake is a little much, maybe I need to get a stabalizer? When I got into the attack position with my elbows up & helmet over the bars it was a bit better but it is still there. I am not sure if it is the bike or just beacause I am going that much faster? It certainly is a brisker pace than I am used too on a 2 stroke. Overall, I am very pleased with the bike. The bike feels top heavy & not as flickable as the 2 stroke I replaced it with. With that being said the smooth power delivery & comfortable ergo's make up for the weight penalty. After 7 hours on the bike between yesterday & today I think I am sold on the four stroke. It was an excellent purchase for me. My wife asked me if I love the bike more than her already, it was only a matter of time :worthy:

I'm glad you like it. 426's are excellent bikes!

For the speed issue, I find that just leaning over the bars and staying low really helps. I dont like going as fast as the bike can go (around 80mph for me I think), because i feel like my head is going to be ripped off.

I can see your grin from here. the more you ride the more you'll love it. better be careful of the wife comparison though...or you may not have the bike very long--or a house for that matter.aloha

I just sold my WR400 2000 and got a YZ450 2004. The frame and suspension seem much better but I like the old motor and it ran nearly as fast. The 426's are real keepers.

You are having fun right? That is all that really matters. Get a fender mounted damper if you go that route.

I've had my YZ 426 for about 3 yrs it's a good machine ,check the valves often though .The head shake is part of the fun when going through sand washes here in the high desert in Colorado.

Welcome to the herd! Can't believe the deal you got:thumbsup: The 426 is an excellent bike, tons of power but controllable. Definitely what I imagine you'd get if you crossed a tractor with a top fuel dragster.


I have been riding every chance I get, the weather has been nice up here for the year but I finally took a few diggers last week :thumbsup:

I have been buying trinkets for this bike, I can't seem to stop. I just ordered a Rekluse & hand brake, that should be an awesome set up when I get it but I am still worried about the sandy singletrack downhills like the one I lost it on last week. Hope the Rekluse helps! Other than that I am loving this bike, really a great machine,

The 426 series YZF bikes are addictive. I love my '02 and will look at it for hours while I am recovering from surgery #11, now I just need the surgeon's release to ride, SOON. Enjoy the scoot, they are reliable and fun.


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