Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin (where to ride)

Greetings fellow Thumpers!!!!

Wishing all of you a wonderful New Year!

I'm moving to Rockford, Illinois on the 7th and was wandering if anyone knows of any places to ride in the Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin area?

I am a proud owner of a 2001 Yamaha WR426 and just bought my boys a pair of new TT-R125's for Christmas. I hope there are some places to ride in the area!


(HIGHLAND, Illinois)

Hi, Welcome to the neighborhood. There are a few places to ride in our area. There is the Black River falls state forest(snowmobile,atv and mc trails. There are several MX tracks in the area.Aztalan(In Lake Mills WI),Byron(in Byron IL), and Lake geneva(in Lake Geneva WI). There are a couple riding parks also. Dyracuse(near Wisconsin Rapids WI), and Ottawa(in Ottawa IL). Then there is the Badlands Off road park, near Lafayette IN.I will keep you in mind when we plan a trip, maybe we can get together. There is ALOT of ice racing going on pretty soon, if you are interested. Take care, and if you have any questions(directions, or whatever)let me know.


Hi Mark . I live in OTTAWA the riding park is 400 plus acers it's called buffilo rock/ also a shooting range . There is also a plaice north of town by Wedron , about 100 acers, both are a good time [ 98 wr/400]


Keep me in mind. I need to try Buffalo Range. Have a Happy New Year.

Pete :)

I like Ottawa best out of all the places I have ridden. I ride a 96 cr250 and after riding in Ottawa I am considering a thumper. I am not really into the tracks but the light cr is great in the dunes and gravel pits I ride in. Dyracus is fun but sandy. Black river falls was cool because you can ride marked trails all day from town to town...again, very sandy. There are some fun hills and single track in Ottawa that make you positive you left IL. How are the WR's on the tight stuff out there? Any word on Ottawa's law suit? They are not in any threat of closing down are they? I also heard the badlands are fun but I have never been there. The Michigan dunes are great fun also. There are 3 bit dunes to "launch" off of. I could only gather the courage to go off them in second gear in low r's and still dropped about 20 feet down the other side. Sweet!!!

I talk to the lady that owens the rock and she hasen't said any thing about closing . I grew up riding out there . The thumper [ yam/wr400 ] works great in the tite stuff ! at least i think so . I wasent real pleased with the bad lands but then i like woods / trails , in my opinion the bad lands was like playing in the sand box when i was a kid, not much fun

Send me a e-mail when you want to try Ottawa . Maybe we can get togher i have every ather week end of also a lot of time of during the week . Also call out there before you come down because i think she is going to change the days she is open .

Is Ottawa open in the winter months? If so, what are the times?

No she closes for the winter . Iwill try to get out there and talk to her and post the open date and the days she is going to be open . There was some talk that she may be open Fri Sat Sun insted of Sat Sun Mon like last year . There is a plaice open though it,s in Wedron [ just north of town] i think there web site is www.megacross- click fox vally link on left side of page.

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