What Pipe ?????

I'm looking for some advice hear just got a new 07 and I need a sparky and to keep the sound down whats are you guy's running out there

Running the GYTR full system, with a jet kit and it made a big difference. :thumbsup:

White Brother's customer serice isn't very good. I had about 30 hours on my E series slip on when the header pipe completely seperate from the muffler around the weld. (defected weld...White Bros fault) So far, White Bro's has told me that they'll try to weld it. If that doesn't work, they won't support me any longer. My next pipe will deffinately be a FMF. You may want to look into one of those :thumbsup:

I have used the GYTR stuff as well as Dr. D and FMF. They are all good. I had no real complaints with any of them other than my FMF is too loud. But in all fairness the FMF rep told me it was not a quiet pipe. I have the Factory 4.1 carbon, spark arrested. The quiet core for that pipe is a joke. If I had to pick agian I would go with the Dr. D hands down. Thats one hell of system for the money. :thumbsup:

I have got the Akrapovik Evo system on my '06 YZ 450, it tested (w/ the spark arrestor in) at an indoor race this weekend at 98db. Just for comparisons sake I have an '05 RMZ 450 w/ a Yoshi full system, it was 104db without the insert, and 96db with.

just slap on the pro moto billet end cap

If I had it to do over I would get the DR D system so I could put the DR D radiator lowering kit on . They make a carbon /Ti system with the new trick end cap. The DR D pipes always get prase on there interpratation of a ideal power band. That is my hind sight.

FMF Powercore for $200 bucks with a spark arrestor.

Just ordered a FMF powerbomb header. They claim up to 10% more power. The megabomb is suppose to be better but for the price I'm happy with the powerbomb. It adds to the overall power not just low end or top end while making it quiter than stock. If I had the money I would have gotten a full Jardine system but for cheaper you can get a big bore kit but I prefer to stick to stock bore so I can race legit stock class. Quick question of my own does anyone know if I can use a FMF mid pipe with a stock can?

What the PowerBomb and MegaBomb headers actually do is to fool the engine into seeing the header as being a variable length. One of the basic ways exhausts on four-strokes are tuned for different RPM ranges is by changing the overall length of the system, and the length from the exhaust port to any steps, or changes in diameter. The length is used to control the timing of the movement of pressure waves within the exhaust system to optimize cylinder filling at a certain RPM. The 'Bomb headers have a damping effect on the pressure waves that varies with their intensity, and the effect is that power is increased at both the far ends of the whole curve. They don't necessarily improve power at peak, but they make the curve noticeably flatter.

The effect is very useful for bikes like the early YZ450's that have a strong and focused hit, and in the case of the '03, it eliminates the sag at 8000 that people often mistake for an upper midrange hit. They work best on an FMF system designed for their use, but they do accomplish somewhat the same thing with other mufflers, too.

just slap on the pro moto billet end cap

I agree :thumbsup:

just slap on the pro moto billet end cap

well thats what I was going to due but I just scored a Big Gun EVOX for 50$ more than the Pro moto cap and Quiet incert was going to cost me

thanks for all the advice guys

so far its got a gytr fly wheel, brp scots mount, brp shark fin ,gytr skid plate, IMS tank with a dry brake,cyra hand guards and a new 18" rear its about ready to race now:thumbsup:

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