"Snap On" impact or torque wrench

Bought my '06 WR on November 3rd and received my torque wrench last week. Probably never use it, just hang it on the wall.

I had a sears (Craftsman) 1/2 torque wrench with a black plastic adjustable handle that broke with little use and wear. Will not buy another one! I just recently bought a K and D 1/4 in. from napa ($120) that seemed to work great till it never showed up at our new home after packing?? Dam movers!!

I would probably go for the torque wrench. From the looks of it the impact is only a 12 volt. I have their 18 volt impact and it is amazing.I had the 14.4 before that and it would just barely handle the axles. I use my impact on my bike alot, but I don't know if you would be happy with the 12 volt. I have that same torque wrench and absolutely love it. Easy to change units (ft. lbs to in lb) and you don't have to worry about reading it while you torque something down, it will vibrate when you hit your torque. It also holds the highest value you hit so you can look down afterwards and see it you got it tight enough, or too tight.

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