What size is the allen in the bottom of the fork?

Dumping the first fork oil on my 2001. I want to pull the damper out to clean the break in crud out. What size is the allen to remove the bottom cap/valve, 15mm? Where can I get one?


It is 14 mm.

I bought both a hex socket and an allen wrench. I ordered the socket from snap-on online #FAM14E (I forget how much - $20?). I ordered the allen wrench from Napa online ,napa service tools #67264 (about $7). Or you can order one from your local Napa auto parts dealer.

Someone else on TT said they got their's at Autozone but my local Autozone stared at me like I had two heads when I asked if they had such a thing.


Steve T

BTW - you will also need a cartridge holding tool. If you want to buy one, I suggest Scotts Perfomance. Their's was about $35 + shipping. Much less than Race Tech (around $65).

Steve T

Thanks guys, job done. Bought a socket at Sears $13.95. I found a one inch piece of steel pipe in my garage(free)and an old Tiawan spark plug socket in the junk drawer(free). Filed a + in the pipe and welded the socket at the end for my t-handle or rachet. Viola! cartridge holder. Cheap is as cheap does.


My cartridge holding tool is made out of a 2.5 foot piece of galvanized pipe with two tabs ground out at the end. I welded a nut onto a bolt w/a 14mm head for my "wrench" for the bottom of the forks. Yes, I am a cheap bastard.

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