Damping and rebound?

Just wondering what you guys set your damping and rebound srews to. (Front and rear)

Just went over my bike to tighten all the bolts, adjust the valves and check to make sure everything was properly lubricated. Everything looked good except for one tight intake valve.

2001 Canadian WR426F with 600 miles on it.

The answer to your question requires some additional input from you. The bike comes setup for a 180 lb rider. It is also setup for normal riding. The heavier you are or the more agressive you ride will have a big impact on how your setup. My initial settings (Stock) were: Front Forks Comp=15 , Rebound=12, With gold Valves: Com=8, Rebound=10 (Aggressive Jumping MotoCross) and Woods: Comp=12, Rebound=15 (Plush no Push or deflection on roots and square turnouts) Again it also depends on your weight I'm 5'10 and 210lbs...Those settings wouldn't bee too comfortable if I was back to my 180lb younger weight.

The best method I have found is to CENTER everything, then Ride the bike. Make your adjustments 2 clicks at a time and only one setting per ride.....EG 1st adjust compression, when your happy with that work on the rebound. Work on the front first then the rear shock.

Hope this helps.

Bonzai :)

Thanx for the info. I am exactly the same height and weight as you are. I hit quite a few jumps and tend to ride quite agressively. I will centre everything and go from there.

What exactly are gold valves?


Gold Valves replace the stock Valving in your Front Forks and rear shock. Without going into a long explanation here I recommend that you visit the Race Tech site which can answer all your questions.


Good Luck....


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