MDK suspension and motormods?

Anybody use these guys yet?There suspension price is spot on with a local guy i use and have been thinking about trying something different.Whats the best way to ship your forks and shock out.I thought about just crating it up but i don't want to have to break the bank to ship it.

nobody?Well then what's the best way to ship forks and shock off.In a wooden crate?

I have had luck in the past wrapping them in bubble-wrap and tape and putting them in a cardboard box. The more bubble-wrap the better.:thumbsup:

thanks for the info!

try a gun case. reusable and much more protective.

try a gun case. reusable and much more protective.

ditto...and get insurance on the shipment...

DV and Nick Wey use them...MDK that is...

I've had good luck with buying lamp boxes from U-Haul or any other store that carries moving boxes. Wrap the suspension components in bubble wrap and fill up the rest of the space with balled up newspaper. It works so well that the suspension companies usually re-use it to send the suspension back.

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