graphics and jetting

Anyone think changing all my plastic to white except the gas tank and getting snow camo graphics from one industries will look funny? Oh and it's an 04 450. I'm getting a powerbomb header in a few days and would like to have all the right jets for installation when it gets here. Would I have to go leaner or richer from stock jets on an 04 450?

I think that your blue frame would stick out like a sore thumb...not to mention you blue gas tank. Just my thoughts. It probably wouldn't look to bad on a 2006/2007 yz though.

Sanded down the frame to metal after my boots started to rub it. Maybe getting a IMS gas tank would be ok?

you should tear it down and get the frame powdercoated. I did it to my old 400 and it looked sweet. Ultra durable. Not to expensive. Check it in my garage.

I would at least change the tank together with the plastic... but if you have spare cash, got for a black or white powder coated frame!

It will look damn nice!

nice frame!!! i have a 96 yz 125 i would like to have powder coated white also.

Yeah I'm kinda low on funds after buying all the other stuff any other ideas on the frame? Will black spray paint scratch off too easily to make it for a few rides? I read somewhere someone used that Rhino Liner stuff and it held up real well. Now I have to decide if I should buy the "natural" color IMS tank or try and find a white replacement for stock. Black would look too funny with the white plastics and graphics I got coming. I'm worried if I got IMS tank I would melt it with my new powerbomb header. Still up in the air about the jettings and now I'm worried about my new pipe fitting on the stock mid pipe. Should I have bought the mid pipe too?

Yeah I'm kinda low on funds after buying all the other stuff

Maybe put the makeover on hold till you get some funds. I can think of better things to buy for a bike if money is tight....just my .02$

Yep, the blue frame makes it tough to go all white plastics. I have all white plastics for my bike (including the tank) but no graphics for the white stuff yet. I think that some type of blue-on-white graphics would pull it together the Doug Henry graphics in blue instead of red. Anyways, this is how I have my bike right now. The pics don't do it justice person it is actually pretty sharp and I get lots of positive comments.



Snow in TEXAS?:thumbsup: Regarding the jetting, you really have to wait and see how the bike responds to the pipe. Then jet it. It will generally need richer jetting, but not always. Does the pipe manufacturer have any recommendations on jetting, they are usually very close if not spot on.

I run my '00 426 a bit on the lean side (w/ a powernow and a P-38 accel. pump atomizer/cover) and when I put on my PowerBomb Header I didn't have to change a thing, jets were just fine.

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