Look at the plastic on this YZF450


That's nice.

Henry graphics would look cool on red plastic.

Woah,,, dual exhaust?

Looks like garage candy to me.

nice! Is that a dual exhaust setup?

trick looking exhaust!

trick looking exhaust!

Looks great, but the guy must have money to burn.....I can't fault him for having it, but for my own tastes (budget) I can't ever see buying TWO pipes....

thats one of the nicest yammies ive seen in a while

That is one of the European factory race team bikes.

NICE!!! I would spend three minutes riding, and three hours cleaning!!:thumbsup:

Why would a yamaha want to look like a honda? Wolf in sheeps clothing? Lame attempt at a sleeper bike?

Euro bike for sure...look at the Ohlins rear shock.....front is probably WP....very cool:thumbsup:

I would do it.

hate red but would ride that in a second.

Anybody know if the dual exhaust is just looks or does it actually perform better.

It´s funny that the bike is called european factory bike. It is like written above the bike of the Swiss KS-Team. They use the colors red and black for years. Unfortunatly 2006 was the last year of the team.

The suspension is not wp or Ohlins. They use most of the time Sölva (soelva) suspension. It is the same suspension 2005 mx2 champion Antonio Cairoli is using.


I had to post the pic. Links drive me nuts :thumbsup:



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