Look at the plastic on this YZF450

That bike hasn't been ridden. Looks nice though.

Great eye candy but when it comes down to it; it like a CL class Mercede's in the hood.

We all know its fo sho

On the team's website there are pics of the bikes in action, so they do run. I'd be willing to bet that the run very well too...

It´s funny that the bike is called european factory bike. It is like written above the bike of the Swiss KS-Team. They use the colors red and black for years. Unfortunatly 2006 was the last year of the team.

The suspension is not wp or Ohlins. They use most of the time Sölva (soelva) suspension. It is the same suspension 2005 mx2 champion Antonio Cairoli is using.

interesting....I for one never heard of Solva suspension....here is what I found out regarding it:

More Sølva info...

Sølva front fork:

They are made in Northern Italy (far up in the mountains), by former motocross rider Roland Sølva. The lightest forks on the market, almost 1kilo/gram lighter than the competition. The upside-down fork has Titanium Nitrid coated 46mm inner tubes, with I believe a 20mm cartridge damping system. Base-valve and mid-valve comp damping. Bearing mounted springs. Low friction seals and very accurate machined bushings, so there is hardly no sticktion at all. By a set of forks, and they service it for you the rest of the life. But you have to go to the factory or to their service truck at the GP races to get this service.

Quite a lot of the MX GP guys use it. And many guys in Enduro World Championship and European championship uses it.

They also make a rear shock absorber. They have no web-site.

Solva are in fact made in Italy, I have a new pair of forks in my shop now and worked on the new shock last week. i do all the work on the suspension in the Uk for the TM/VOR importer who also brings these units into the country mostly for his team riders. They are not cheap at $3750 for the forks and $850 for the shock, but they are superb quality being made from high tech materials used in the aircraft industry and F1 and some of the features include

Brake caliper mounted higher so it dosen't dig in the ground when landing from jumps

It is the lightest fork you can buy 9lb per leg

Everything is made from solid billet

Where can i get that exhaust?? its so sick:thumbsup:


www.raas-mx.com for the exhaust.


They look just like the ROcket pipes, Shape wise

That dual exhaust will cost you atleast $1500. 2 Carbon fiber cans and an exhaust that isn't mass produced. You'll fling yourself in to traffic if you balled that bike up with that exhaust on it. I imagine the dual exhaust can't too much of an advantage since nobody else is doing it. Even Honda only did it on the CRF250.

I like the look of that bike, very clean looking.

Reminds me of Honda too much!

wow that thing is sweet i like the carbon pipes

You actually want those pipes? They may look great but they won't help you learn how to corner.....Go out and practice, save the "stupid" money.

Woah,,, dual exhaust?

I second that motion :lol:

Why would a yamaha want to look like a honda? Wolf in sheeps clothing? Lame attempt at a sleeper bike?


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