Big Red Pig likes its gas

Just finished up my first ride on my new 2006 xr650r.Its uncorked 178 main jet all restictors removed.50 miles on one tank of gas thats it,ran out 200 yards from my truck.

Running too rich?

Get a bigger tank and a Edelbrook carb for better mileage and easier starting.:thumbsup:

My 650R with the stock tank, uncorked goes 50-52 miles and I'm on reserve...Got a 3.2 gal one, just waiting for the time to switch...

Mine with a stage 2 and a can and uncorked does roughly 85 miles with gearing at 14/46 i am way undergeared 15/47 it should go a bit further.

Dkxr600 it is probably very tight being new and will settle soon,be sure to punish it and have a quick motor though.

Fuel economy... The price you pay for power.

A 454 Chevy doesn't get good fuel milage, so don't expect a 650R to do good either.

I can burn my 3.2 IMS dry in under 60 miles without trying to hard. I can run the stocker to 80 miles if I try real hard and be easy on it. It is all in how you want to play with the power!

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