NX 650 Suspension

Has anyone upgraded the suspension on an old NX? I would like to improve the suspension so it is a little more dirt worthy and maybe get a little more travel at the same time.:thumbsup:

Any one with pics of an NX?

There are several companies that make aftermarket shocks for the NX. You could also swap out the forks for some from a XR600/650L. I did this to my Transalp and it worked out great!

Tell me more. I have a Transalp and I have a spare set of XR650L forks with triple trees and bearings.

Hey, lets see some pics of those bikes!

What a cool looking bike. I love those things all though I have never ridden one. Unfortunately, I cannot veiw the link as I am not a member.

Man that is such a cool bike.

Can you see this one?


Yep, Looks good!


I picked up an old '88 NX with a quite few miles on it and am using it as a winter project. What started out as just a bike to goof around on because it was so cheap...has now turned into a semi-serious fix-it-up project.

So far I have:

1. Replaced the side covers with 'L' panels that have worked great to clear the dual mufflers on the NX.:thumbsup:

2. Replaced the lowered front fender with a 'Dirt bike' front.

3. In the process of replacing the fuel tank with an 'R' 6.6 gal tank from Acerbis.

4. In the process of replacing the front light/intrument panel assembly with???haven't got that far yet.

I was wanting to upgrade the suspension if I'm going to go much further. Better front springs and maybe some more clearance in the rear.

So far it has been a hoot to get into the garage and fiddle around with it. I know the bike isn't worth alot of money, and the amount of dough I may put into it may question my common sense...but the stress this thing relieving is substantial so it may be worth more than I'm figuring.:devil:

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