2006 YZ450F exhaust looks smooth!

That's actually my bike. I used a die grinder with a scotch brite wheel on it, sanded with 220 grit and then polished with Mothers metal polish. It will get oxidized a little when it gets wet but I just clean it up with a wire brush.

I've been toying with the idea of stripping the paint off the magnesium parts non-abrasively and letting them turn their natural off-gold magnesium color. Wouldn't be high on the bling scale, but it might be cool. I know the hubs on the old CZ looked good like that.

grey...how would you do this non abrasively?

Paint stripper or a carburetor cold dip tank. Be sure the label at least doesn't say not to use it on magnesium.

I like that alot, I went to the website and the prices look good too. Is the price any different for the "Baron Von Beard" edition?

thanks ,no diff. ,I changed the jig to the BVB edition so I need to change the pic on the web site

So as many of you know already, I have hated the huge stock muffler on my 06 since before I bought the bike. After not being able to find an exhaust that I liked and that fit into my budget, I spoke to Dave at MRD Racing. He already had a system jigged for the bike, but again, I didn't like how it stuck out so far. I gave him my ideas and he made them a reality. I also told him that I loved the stock power delivery so I didn't want to change it, so we decided on a slip on instead of a full system. Needless to say, I love it! :applause:

The muffler now sticks out from the number plate a total of 3 inches as compared to almost 7 for the stocker. It sounds awesome, but because he was able to keep the same length muffler, it's not overly loud. The power is great as well as it retaine dhte stock characteristics but just gave it a little more grunt everywhere.

I'll post pics as soon as I download them from the camera, but if you guys don't like the stocker hanging out, and you would like a little more juice as well as an amazing warranty for cheaper than almost any other exhaust around, check out the MRD. Be sure to tell him that you want the Baron spec system as he created an entirely new jig from he and my conversations.

I was wondering if you have any pics of your new exhausts posted yet?


I was wondering if you have any pics of your new exhausts posted yet?


I'm pretty sure his bikes pic is up on mrd's web site, Yellow Yamaha #54

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