What are the most reliable pistons out there where you can get a little more performance w/o spending the money on OEM.

I am right now debating whether to buy a pro circuit Athena piston from TT, or the wiseco that comes in the kit from motosport outlet.

Whats the difference between 2095 silicium which is said to be used in formula one pistons and the forged aluminum wiseco pistons?

Which way am I better of going? I really want to try the Athena but I don't know what to expect. Which would be more realiable?

Anyone have experience?

It sounds like you may have made an incorrect assumption as to the cost of the OEM piston. It's right about half as expensive as a Wiseco, and IMO, there is no reliability issue with the stock piston. Going to a forged piston is not warranted except in the case of a pure race bike, and unless you just have to have the extra 1 hp (maybe), it's an expensive way to get it.

OEM is fine for rebuild and less money. Wiseco and Vertex make and sell OEM spec'd piston kits.

Athena, RPM, Luke Racing, Langcourt all use Wiseco and or Vortex pistons. Use thiese companies if you desire to build a big bore...Athena has a sweet kit - as do the others

I keep saying this to you :devil: - please find yourself a reputable motorcycle tuner to steer you in the right direction according to your budget, and that has the ability to determine what needs to be replaced. without unnecessary expense, and can match all the components you need and assemble for you or with your participation. Otherwise this exercise can be potentially disasterous :thumbsup:

I told you I'm not doing the work. He gave me a list of parts that needed to be replaced. He showed me everything that was worn or had wear that would or could lead to another dissassembly.

The valves were cupped and the crank/rod bearing siezed.

So I need;

All new valves

valve springs

crank assembly


crank bearings


oil pump

cam chain

cylinder (scratched)

Is there anything else that I should maybe replace?

And also 15 tooth front sprocket and a 48 for the rear, along witha new clutch cable and oil filter

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