YZ450f #1 cycle news

Cycle news rated the YZ450 first in this week's edition. Best overall rating for all riders. The pros preferred the Honda. It will be interesting to see what the mags say?

It will be interesting to see what the mags say?
Not really.

#3 in Transworld behind the Honda and Kawi.

who really believes anything those guys talk about anyway. some of the stuff that they nitpick is pretty trivial, and not usually a factor for many of us i'm sure.

I rode them all last year and thought they were all good. I esp liked the Suzuki but bought the Yamaha because of dealer support and price.

It's not like 20-30 years ago when there was a big differance between brands. Today, most anyone will place as good on either of the new bikes. Buy the color you like or go w/ the better dealer and support and ride happy. :thumbsup:

Not really.

LOL....I agree

Not really.

That is some funny **** right there.

Interesting factoid here (actually not so interesting but I'm going to share it anyways).

There were only five riders in my OT class this weekend, one each Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, and KTM. Unfortunately I crashed pretty good and didn't represent Blue very well...

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