XR650L Rear Spring Change

I searched and every thread says no special tool required or are vague. But that lock ring is on there pretty good and I can't even loosen it by hitting with a punch and hammer.

Do I need a special wrench to take that lock ring off????

I did the fork springs no problem, and figured the rear shock spring woulda been easier.

There should be two lock rings. Loosen the one furthest from the spring first.

It can be a bitch if the spring's never been broke free before.

Keep at it, it'll free up.:thumbsup:

A little penetrating lube wont hurt either, and yep you gotta get the top one moving first!

Yeah I was definetly trying to loosen the top ring.

I was using a punch and a ballpeen hammer to try and loosen it but it didn't budge. I'll dump somre liquid Wrench on it.

I thought there might be some Honda specific tool that I needed. Those Riceboy Cars with Coilovers have a huge wrench that hooks into those little indentations that they can loosen those rings with to adjust ride height. I thought I might need to get one of those but it looks like you guys don't use any special tools.

One time I tried to "unload" the spring by latching on to a couple of coils with a pair of visegrips, thought it should make bustin' the lock rings easier..bad idea. :devil:

I managed to squeeze the spring down alright, started hammering away at the rings, but when the visegrips decided to let loose.. wellll...

Fingernail's just about grown back now..:thumbsup:

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