Fork Seal Replacement

i have an 05 yz450 and the forks are starting to leak. how much could i expect to pay to have them replaced

This really depends on how many hrs are on the fork/shock oil.....Forkseal replacement is the ideal time to do your fork and shock oil replacement/service and or revalving.......typical cost to "Service fork and Shock" 80-120 can remove shock/forks and take/ship to a suspension tuner to save some cost or service them yourself ..... shock service requires new nitrogen....revalving is the forks and shock together....:thumbsup:

Florida has some great suspension tuners and Ga does also - if you need help ....just reach out....

i agree... while your replacing the seals you might as well do a re valve/springs if needed for your weight/riding syle and abiliy. it ill be cheaper and easier to get it all done at once..

If you don't have any problems other than a seal leak, about 140 at the shops in SOCAL to have both tubes done (new seals and serviced). I ended up paying about 500 for revalve, new springs and replacing bushings that wore rather fast.


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