Stripped Oil Plug

Like many others, I had been overtorquing my drain plug and it is not almost completely stripped. My plan was to retap it to 12mm (stock is 10). For those that have expertise or experience with this, is that 2mm of new thread sufficient for this? What do you use for gaskets since the OEM gasket wont work anymore?



That will work fine. What gaskets are you speaking of? I am assuming you mean o-rings? i have gotten all sizes of o-rings from napa.

This is the best solution:

If you go oversize, copper washers of all sizes are a common item at auto parts houses.

amen brother..........:thumbsup:

Where do you buy the timesert kits?

Looks useful.


go get a heli coil

Most auto parts stores sell thread repair kits such as heli coil or timesert. It's definitally the way to go!

go get a heli coil

time serts hold up much better

time serts hold up much better
True. And furthermore, Time Serts avoid the problem of possibility of an oil leak caused by the repaired threads being off-square with the sealing surface for the drain bolt, since a fresh spot facing of the top of the hole occurs as part of the repair process.

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