Finding the Grey wire On 2007 WR's

The first time I went to cut the grey wire I accidientally cut the black wire on the 6-pin because I thought there was only one 6-pin connection. It turns out there are two seperate 6-pin connections and only one has the grey wire. The one with the grey wire may be hiding next to the CDI box, behind a white plastic bracket.

That connection is kinda hiding and I didn't wan't people to get frustrated so I wrote this thread for everyone with a new 07 WR.

Correct. But, why cut it when you can just remove it from the connector and stow it. That way, it is easily re-connected if for some reason you wanted to.

Where Is It?

It's behind the side panel on the left side (shifter).

What is the advantage of cutting the grey wire?

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