Bar risers - some problems and questions...


I have used the search button and find many answer about the Bar risers:

My problem is that i have read in one thread ,that there is a bar riser from

Thumper Racing or Baja designs that takes the bar a 1.5 by 1.5 and there is the 1 by 1.

I tried to find in there sites but couldn't find them.

Does anyone know where can i buy them?

Is there other companies that makes the same.

Another question is : I found the same style of bar risers but for mini KX 68/85but it's 1 by 1 .

Will they fit my wr250f.(the handlebar is 7/8).

Thank you very much for your answer.

If your looking for bar risers you may check Tag metals and Aplied racing.

i got these. the t2 kit. came with 3/4" risers (that convert the 7/8" over to 1 1/8") and 1 1/8" bars w/ pad

Try BRP. Their website is, Jim the owner is a really good guy and will help you with any problems you have.

I bought mine from He only shows the straight 1 inch risers, but will build the others if you sweet talk him. Prices were $20-30 cheaper than BRP and Baja. It would help if you had a few sets to order, then he would be motivated to make some.

Thank you for the reply guys.

I will try to be more clear.

I have read in old post about a risers from baja or thumper racing ,that takes the bar an 1 inch higher and 1 inch forward.There is also a bar risers only with 1.5 inch for higher bars and also moves the handlebar a 1.5 inch forward.

I have tried to find in ther site but couldn't find it.

Are they any other companies that make the same bar risers that take the handlebar higher and forward?

I'm also looking for a oil magnet drain plug.

Where can i buy one?

Are there any diffrencr between the companies that makes them?

Any recommendation?

I'm sorry guys for all my question, I have been riding for 2.5 years a ktm250exc and now i switched to 4 stroke WR.

Thank you for the reply.

huh, i haven't seen any that move the bars forward...

You can buy the magnetic drain plug from the Thumpertalk store. I'm not aware of any risers that will move the bars that far forward....might have to go with a whole new upper triple clamp.

huh, i haven't seen any that move the bars forward...

Thank you everyone for the reply.

Here is what i'm talking about:

It is for small bikes like the kx 65/85 but i guess they will also fit a normal size .Am i wrong?

I tried to contact this company but didn't get any respond yet.

Thank you kenny168 for letting me know:

"i bought the syle your talking about for my sons kx65 from RD performance they run a add on KTM TALK i now use them on his klx110 i put them on then used the big bar adapters with big bars i never have seen that style for a big bike KTM enduro enginering makes spacers to raise the bars 5mm 10mm 15mm 20m.+"

Are the bars from the kx 65/85 match the wr250f 2005?

Again,Thanks everyone for your help.

Yes, that is the riser that I have. Did you read my reply??? will make them for less. Emailing should get you in contact with the guy, if not look up risers on ebay and you will find him.

If you add a straight riser you push your weight further to the back of the bike, but these allow you to maintain proper balance and be a bit more aggressive and stand with more comfort.

have you seen barrisersonline?

I don't know if these will fit the criteria that you're looking for.

Try BRP. Their website is, Jim the owner is a really good guy and will help you with any problems you have.

I second...BRP. Call them whatever you need for bar mounts they have. Great support!

Thank you very much everyone.

The Thumperracing web site stinks as it only has a fraction of everything they sell. They still send out a paper catalog. Think of the sale they are missing out on. I have run the 1.5"s on my WR's and the 1" on my Xr600. As r4sberg said, you can stand up and ride in the proper position, less tiring and more aggressive. Best Mod for tall guys.

R - we are still trying to move back to the NW. AZ is only good in the winter, summer sucks.

I have these forward risers on my DRZ and love them..


hmm.. for some reason TT has it blocked..


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