Correct tach settings on VAPOR computer

Can anybody give me the correct settings for Trailtech's Vapor computer tachometer. Bike is WR400F 2000. I have red wire wrapped around the plug wire about 8 rounds, and the first PPR setting is 2. It seems to be right for idle revolutions, but incorrect for higher revolutions. I have tried also other settings, but the tach shows to much rev's. What would be the revolutions, when the PPR changes (if it does?) and what is the correct second PPR figure? Any help is very appreciated.:thumbsup:

set all pprs to 00

set all pprs to 00

The first PPR setting can't be set to 0, it's either 0.5 , 1 or 2, second setting I can disactivate (0000). But this also does not work on my case. Ground is solid. Could be that the computer is defective? Any other ideas what could be wrong?


Your Pulses Per Revolution are 1. The mag does not care whether you are on a compression stroke or not, it fires on both the compression and exhaust stroke. The coil will fire once every revolution, there are two revolutions per cycle on these bikes. Hope this helps.


yer 1 and 1 is my settings and it seems correct.

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