WP fork and shock parts

I have a billet shock and a set of USD forks on my 92 XR600R. I need to re-build the forks but WP is not returning my calls or emails. Anyone know a place for WP parts except WP? Thanks!

I would say a KTM dealer, as KTM and WP are tied together like macaroni and cheese. In most KTM manuals, the shocks and forks are separate from the rest of the manual, as they are just listed by their model number.

I have many of the manuals in PDF format. If you know the model # of the forks (i.e. 4054, 4860, etc...) and the shock (i.e. 5018 PDS, etc...) PM me, and if I have that file (I have most of them), I'll forward it on to you.

The parts you should be able to get from any dealer as long as you know the model # of the fork and what year/model KTM they came from. I would think that the best place to get the parts would be from KTM Hutt. They carry many of the now obsolete and hard to find KTM parts that even a dealer cannot seem to get.

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