still cant get jetting right on 07

Stock setup 160 main, 45 pilot, needle number 4 groove, fuel screw out 1 1/4 turns. Alttitude is about 1000 ft above sea level and 40-55 degrees out. I have put a boyesen quickshot on which says to turn fuel screw out 1/4 to half turn out. Also put full Dr .D race system on which they say to change to a 162 main or 165. Also a twin air filter. My current set up is 162 main 45 pilot, needle clip on number 5 grove down from number 4 (dealer did this before I picked bike up, said they did it for winter.) and 2 turns out on the fuel screw. I am getting minor popping on decel, but getting flames out the exhaust ocassionally and a backfire, also while crusing at like 1/4 throttle it surges kinda bad. Not sure what to try. Should I try raising the clip to back to stock and go to the 165 main. Dubach said to leave it in the stock position but the dealer had already changed it so I left it alone. Really wanna ride this weekend but dont wanna mess anything up. Please Help. THanx

I have an 06, but the jetting for the two bikes should be the same. I would go to the 170 main. I have stock exhaust with a 168 currently, but am putting the 170 on this weekend. the 45 pilot might be alright, but with the cool weather and open exaust you might want to try a 48 pilot. Also with the quick shot on their you might want to try a smaller leak jet, but I can't really help you their, maybe somebody else can chim in on that.

Do you have the NFLR neddle on the 07? If not you might want to try it.

One last thing to check, and I only say this because I did it to my old honda, is make sure the air boot is properly attatched after you put the bike together, a small air leak can screw everything up.

Good Luck:ride:

i got mine dialed with a 48 pilot and 170 main, left the needle at stock setting

no quick shot installed.

Ranger 18 may be right about the air boot when the shop set the needle they might have not have sealed the boot

Do you have the NFLR neddle on the 07? If not you might want to try it.

The '07 comes with the NFLR stock.

Mine Jetting is dead nuts, with a 170 main, 48 pilot, FMF Needle 4th grove, two turns out

No quick shot, no bog

Have a GYTR Full system and Air Filter

i got mine dialed with a 48 pilot and 170 main, left the needle at stock setting

no quick shot installed.

Same here! Off idle response is much better now.

'06... 48 Pilot, 170 main , NFLR 4#, and 2 turns on fuel screw.

Dubach full exhaust and Twin Air Filter....runs great

Summer time in TX 45/165

I would say if your getting surging at 1/4 throttle its more your pilot jet and needle than anything. If you change your main jet from a 162 to like a 165 or a 170 it will have a slight effect on the needle making it richer. I would put in a 168 main,48 pilot turn and a half on the fuel screw and leave your needle on the rich side. I bet it will work well. They love the fuel poured to them my 450 ran awsome but it was a pig on fuel haha. I jetted my new 07 250f on the rich side running up here indoors its still cold and it loves its.

just my 2 cents


ok I just talked to PR2 racing which is right down the road and they said to leave the 162 main in stick in a 50 pilot and go about 1 3/4 to 2 turns out on the fuel screw. Are any of you guys near my altitude or temp? I am wondering if I should go bigger on the main? How would I tell if I am to lean on the main?

WhiteYZ, If PR2 is just down the road then you and I are very close to eachother. I am about 3 to 4 min. away from PR2.

im in holtwood if you know where mt nebo store is i am 1 mile from there

50 pilot may be good but go 170 main in cold weather, if the bike bogs then go smaller, it's working for us. (just my two cents)

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