WR Tank Size

On A Wr 450 2006 What Is The Tank Size ??? & Does Anyone Make A Good Desert Tank?

I have been researching this for an upcoming Baja trip. I have a Clarke 2.6 gallon tank and like it a lot but it is not big enough. I get 80 miles before hitting reserve. I figure I have about .5 gallons at that point. IMS makes a 3.1 gallon tank and Acerbis makes a 3.3 gallon tank and a 6.6 gallon tank. I am leaning towards the Acerbis 3.3 tank because 6.6 is huge. I wish there was a 4 gallon tank. What do most of you that ride Baja use for a gas tank?

I went with the 3.1 gallon IMS tank. In Baja the farthest I'd go between gas stops was 80-90 miles. I could've gone a bit farther but the old "Don't pass gas" saying was made for Baja. I could probably get better mileage but it's hard to resist WFO sections on the highway and lake beds. Average speeds on the highway with the group I go with is 80-90 MPH. At those speeds the gas mileage isn't too good.

I wish there was a 4 gallon tank.

That would be ideal :thumbsup:

06 WR450 w/ all free mods except cutting holes in the air box. elevation range is 1000 to 3000'

My Clarke 2.8 gets me 95 miles of moderate riding (35 - 40 mph average) before hitting reserve.

This tank has a single pitcock and fits perfectly with the WR shrouds.

acerbis makes a 6.6 gallon for about 225 clams ... and there's a 6.8 by (aquasafari?) for twice the amount .... and oh, that would be in american clams ...... blue or translucent white ... I understand tall riders need not apply ..... knees getting in the way or something ...... i'll not have that problem when I get mine!

I've done a few 70 to 80 mile rides on the IMS 3.3 gallon tank.

I think Aqualine has a 4 gallon tank for the WR450...


I'd like to hear comments about this tank from anyone who has ponied up for the 4 gal. tank.


me too! ......anyone? it's still pretty expensive though ......

I bought an Aqualine 4 gallon tank.

I really wanted the blue tank but they had know idea how long before the blue tanks would be in.

The mounting bolt on the left side did not align perfect. I was able to get the bolt on with help from a second person. I hope I never have to take the tank off in the middle of nowhere alone.

Also the petcock is lower than stock and the carb has the inlet hose barb pointing up, and it should point forward with this tank. I still need to find a 90 degree brass elbow.

I did a 225 mile loop last weekend mostly fire roads and a little playing in the sand dunes. At 115 miles we refueled it took exactly 3 gallons. So maybe if you are not riding to hard you could get 150 range out of it.

I dont think it is any wider than stock and I really did not notice the weight difference.:thumbsup:

I am happy with the Acerbis 3.3 gallon tank on mine, up to 220 km (very light road cruising). here are some pics



Does the Aqualine have one or two fuel petcocks?

Aside from the bolt mis-alignment, how was the fit and finish?


One thing with the aqualine, it appears that you wouldn't need to buy radiator protectors. That would offset some of the extra cost.

What is the "usable" capacity of the Acerbis 3.3 Gallon tank. In other words, when you run out of fuel, how much can you put in. Also, does it require any special shrouds or petcock?


the capacity is 3.3 gallons, it runs completely empty as it uses two peticocks, everything you need to install/use it comes with it.

but be careful, the reserve is like only one quart, or less

Is the Acerbis 3.3 gal tank wider than the IMS 3.1 gal tank? Its hard to tell from pics but thanks for posting the pictures.

I think they are the same width, any larger then 3.3 and they get fat.......

Does the Aqualine have one or two fuel petcocks?

Aside from the bolt mis-alignment, how was the fit and finish?


One petcock so I guess you would run out of gas go to reserve then run out of gas and then lean the bike over for the last liter or so of gas. Then start walking.

The fit really wasn't not bad I only needed to have someone push the tank down/over to one side about 1/8 of inch. Just the way it bolts up I just could not do it alone.

Maybe after being bolted up for a couple of months it will adjust itself. Finish its clear and its plastic.

My wr450 seems to get between 36-38 mpg combined single and double track not racing.

So the stock tank is good for 93 miles or so. The IMS 3.3 should be good for about 119 miles. The 15.5 liter Aqualine maybe 148 miles. The IMS 6.6 gallon 238 miles.

I know most people ride harder and will not get this kind of mileage. :lol:

What do most of you that ride Baja use for a gas tank?

I use the IMS. Covers some miles when your just crusin', but like seabass said that's hard to do when your down there.

Regear to 15/47 or 48. and don't blow any gas stops :lol:


05 WR450

Hey thumper605.

Could you post some pics of that tank on your bike? I'm dying to see what it looks like.:lol:

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