WR Tank Size

Hey thumper605.

Could you post some pics of that tank on your bike? I'm dying to see what it looks like.:lol:

I will work on getting a picture to this thread in the mean time I posted a picture from a recent ride in my garage.:confused:

Thumper605, do you run any kind of rad guards with that tank? I use Devol guards now and would really like to keep them. You're the first person I've seen that has this tank and I like it! Thanks and lets be done with this crummy winter huh?

:lol: Yep..... let's see some pics :confused:

hello do you know if tank models for 450yz 2006 fit on 450wrf 2007 ?

thank you!!!!

Stock 05 WR450 tank is 2.1 gallon tank go for the acerbis 3.3 nice fit good looking tank:ride:

I like the way mine suits my bike, since i put a taller seat and handlebars on her it really suits it as it's also taller then my stock tank.

Hey thumper605........... PICS........ please

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