wellsville friday 15th dec

me and my buddies a taking a "farewell to wellsville" trip for one day--the 15th of dec-----------r.i.p wellsville:worthy:

kinda want to ride wayne on the 15 since its the last day its open

but i never been to wellsville so i might go with you guys

I might be interested if I can get the day off from work. What time and where are you parking? I usually park at Oak Tree.

oak tree----10am----red 96 z-71 w/ trailer----im calling in sick no doubt-----50 some degrees-----oh yeah-----it will be a sad day for us as its been our place to ride the past 11 years---and it will be gone for good---dammit that sucks

sunday the 17th-----new plan----looks to be nicer that day also plus i dont have to call off-----it was either fri and i call off or my buddy misses church w/his mom----sunday 10am we ride!!!!!!!!

What's your riding level? Trail riders or racers? I'm 35 years old and can't afford to go to wellsville and kill myself climbing some of those insane hills.

that 525 will pull you up!!!!!!------if you goof up u just laye'r down----look for a black crf450 a yz490 and a trx450 quad

We'll be at Oak Tree around 10:00. I drive a silver chevy crew cab, 525 with black tank and black headlight. see you there.:thumbsup:

yes------red z71 with a trx and a black crf and a yz490 white--on a traler---6am we leave----about a 3 and a half hour drive-----who cares if it rains---we dont---

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