I have a 99yz400. Just wondering what tire is best for woods riding, I race harescrambles and enduro. Terrain is always mixed could be anything. Ive always had Michelin S12s front and back and never tried anything else I like the S12's but is there something that is better?? Its time for a tire change Im just wonder what I should get.

Dunlop 952, Pirelli MT32, Pirelli MT16's are all good choices for the woods. The Dunlops are the cheapest, the MT16 lasts forever, and the MT32 is the best performer (also the quickest wearing). :thumbsup:

I love the S-12's...especially up front. For the rear I have yet to see a tire that hooks up and corners anywhere near as well as the Dunlop D773 but, alas, a fo-fiddy wears them out in a hurry and they are best used on a track rather than offroad. The D756 is my next choice for the rear and the D952 is also good tire that will outlast both the 773 and the 756.

I ran a Maxxis IT once on the rear and it never felt planted to me, to the point that I replaced it long before it was worn out...lots of people use them though so they must work out well for many people.

Hope this helps!

i have m12's but i'm not a huge fan of them

Don't laugh-but i just run brigestones 201front & 202 rear on my 426. they're cheap & this bike goes thru rubber so fast on the rear...i only run 5-7 psi in the grease i ride in here,so its even harder on them. they hold up & bite as well as any michelins or maxxis i've tried.

I have been running Dunlop 952's for the past year...good stuff for the price.

My favorite set-up on my YZ is the Maxxis SI front and IT rear. Hooks well, lasts long and I can get the set for around $110.

I like the Maxxis IT rear. They work OK, don't cost a lot, and wear very well.

But I like the Dunlop 952 better so far. They're lighter, bite much better, corner a whole lot better, and actually cost less. It's too early to tell if they wear as well, but it looks like it will be close. I think it's going to be my new favorite. (Intermediate terrain, works well in a wide range of soils)

On the front we like either a D952 or a Bridgestone M401.

For wear, the Maxxis IT. I've tried just about every tire listed here, the Dunlop 952 was a close second. 752 A/T was really good on the hook-up, but wore out way to soon.

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