Left side of IMS tank

Has anyone added anything to the left side of a 650r IMS 3.2 tank to use all the fuel from that side? I run out of gas and have like a little less than 1/2 gallon remaining on the left side. I had a yz250F that had an IMS tank with lines coming from both sides of the tank - I imagine it would work the same.


Call IMS and ask for "Speedway Steve."

I was down there a couple months ago picking up some stuff and wanted to do the exact same thing. I asked Steve about it and the solution he gave me was more than I wanted to do. Without really taking a look at the tanks for the 650, I was hoping I could just mount a second petcock to the bottom left side and route a fuel line across to the other petcock to get that fuel on the left side.

However, my way doesn't have the proper about of flat surface area to make it work. Steve said it's possible to do it using tubing on the inside of the tank but my eyes started glazing over as he went into detail... I was just looking for something so I wouldn't have to pit for our loop desert races in D37.

Steve said it's doable but more involved than what I was wanting to do.

There may be people on this board that have done it, but you should at least call him up and get his POV.

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