Broken Front Brake Caliper On 2000 Wr400

Was desert riding over the weekend and somehow managed to hit a boulder and break off the front brake caliper. I have a front disc/caliper guard, but evidently, this was not enough protection. The mounts on the fork leg are OK, but the caliper is toast. The rotor is stock size and I need to know what the best caliper replacement would be. Anybody got an stock used front brake caliper for sale for a 2000 WR400?

Replace it with the stock unit it comes complete with pads just bolt it up for about $140.00-$160.00 depending where you order it from. It was a back ordered item for a while for the newer Yamahas. You can't beat OEM

Check e-bay for used ones, someone is always parting out bikes there. You could even update your brake line routing to the new and improved Honda style routing.

Sent you a PM bud. :thumbsup:

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