YZ 450F running rich?

Ok so I put on my procircuit TI-4 exhaust and the sticker burnt off of the exhaust pipe... what's not right here?

There was a "Sticker" on the exhaust pipe? That sounds like a flawed concept.

It was the lable that says TI-4... I called PC and they said it sounds like it's time to repack the muffler... I only have 10hrs on the new exhaust system but he said that would be one reason it's running hotter...

Usually running leaner creates a hotter than normal exhaust....

Have you been experiencing backfiring???

does it sputter when acceleration or sound like it poppes when letting off the gas?

If the packing is blown out, the outer core will get hot enough to burn the sticker. Tdub

I'm still confussed... nope it's not backfiring and nope I'm not sputtering the bike rips... I thought about repacking but my buddy (mechanic and mmi grad) told me it would be a waste of my time b/c the pipe has like 4 hrs on it...


Dunno guys? got some new stickers from PC and I'm going riding :lol:

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