xr650l 0-60 time?

I was curious if by chance any of you knew the 0-60 time for a stock xr650l? My bike has a re- jetted carb so it would be a little quicker than stock, but am really curious what the ball park it would be. -Austen.

I haven't had the opportunity to test it myself but in Cycle World mag of May '06 there was a comparison between a few d/s bikes and these where the posted times for a stock xr650l :


1/4 mile.......15.01@84.33mph


Torque........29.5 ft.-lbs.@4300rpm

Top speed...91 mph

While this was on a stock bike,during the test they dropped one tooth on the countershaft-sprocket.Not sure if the times where before or after the mod or if these times where suplied by Honda.

If you have the chance to test it yourself keep us posted.

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