race tech springs?

I put on a set of race tech front springs .49's on my 06 wr. My question is do you just take the stock ones out and put the new ones in the same way? Whats the deal with the washers they give you, do you need to put those some place and if so why and where. :thumbsup:

last set of race tech springs I did, you take your stock springs/spacers out, and measure the length of them stacked on top of each other. Then you trim the race tech spacers to make the race tech springs/spacers the same height as the stock springs/spacers.

might change the fork oil while your at it. OEM oil usually dosn't last as long as some good bel ray.

I just pulled the OEM springs out and threw in the new RaceTechs. No problem...SC

this post in the 250 forum should help:


Actually, no. Comparing a YZ250F and WR450 is not the right way to go, kind of an apples vs. oranges thing. Pull the stock spring and compare it with the RaceTech. If it's the same length, don't worry, if not, then use the spacers. Mine were the same length, hence my lack of a problem...SC

I have springs coming also, .5's for me, do you measure the springs unloaded and compare them to stock? I too need some good info on changing these, first time for this........

Where did you find .50's if you don't mind my asking? It's a very simple procedure, just follow the manual. There was a write-up floating around a year or so ago, but I'm not sure where it went...SC

stock springs vs. race tech .... is there really that much difference ?

i was under the impression that as long as the springs are in the correct range then it is the valving that needs attention (at least that's what i found with my '05)


I just swapped out my stock springs last week .49's in the front and 58 on the rear. The whole deal took me about an hour and went fairly smooth, I too just replaced the stock ones with the race tech with no adjusting of any kind. If you just ride trails and mild tracks the stock valving is pretty good, if you hit the track hard some valving is needed. I rode mine last satuday with the new springs and full yosh exuast system, man night and day differance. I wanted to keep my 04 yz450, but after the changes to the 06 wr forget it the yz has gota go no need for it.:thumbsup:

I got .5 Factory Connection fork springs. Racetech only go as high as .48 for my bike.....06WR.

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