radiator leaks

I have a 99 yz400f, and one of the radiators is leaking. Does anyone know if it is okay to put a stop-leak kind of substance into the radiator? Is there something made specifically for motorcycles?

Do not put stop-leak in them. There are a bunch of companies that specialize in motorcycle radiator repair or your local radiator shop maybe able to fix it.

These guys will fix you up they are the best there is and reasonable ship USPS it is cheaper and best for this size package, I send mine there from NY usually takes a week with shipping. www.motorcycleradiators.com Dee

I've had excellent luck using JB Weld to repair my radiator leaks.

Nobody beats Myler's:thumbsup:

Local radiator shop. I twisted one and smashed the inner two rows of fins on the other, radiator shop tested and fixed leaks. Never had a problem after that. Ironically it was a 99yz400 as well.

Myler's is good, fast, and fairly priced. Hard to top that.

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