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I purchased a 99 yz400f one month and a half ago. Loved it, but it now has a bad engine. Here is what I know. It had a top end rebuild about six months ago. This was done by the shop I bought the bike from. I rode the bike a couple of sunday evening and 15 to 20 minutes after work a couple of days. I am being told it has worn bearings on the crank. I guess what I want to know is average cost to repair. I am stuck now, so I have to fix this bike or waste the money I have invested in the bike now. It never had any knocking or starange noises, on the the day it broke, I was riding it powers off and went into a slide. I was able to restart, but the same thing happened again. I deccided to put it on the trailer and take it to the shop. Any Ideas on whats going on and what it cost to fix.

Who's telling you it has worn crank bearings, a friend or the shop? Seems kinda funny that the shop you bought it from wouldn't have noticed it when doing the top end.

Thanks for replying. The info is coming from the shop the bike was purchased from. I asked that question, but the answer was did not know bottom end had any problems. I believe the bike was brought in for the top end build, orig owner decided to trade for somthing else.

When you said it powered off and slid, I assume you mean the engine locked up stopping the rear tires rotation. Then you said you restarted with the same result. How long did you wait before restarting the bike? Seems to me that if the bearings were bad enough to lock up the engine, they would've stayed locked up preventing a restart. By the way, who'd you buy from?

You are correct the bike turned off, and stopped rotation of the rear tire. Remember new to the game, So I was still perfecting the decompression starts. So took about five minutes, rode to the end of the strip. The shop is a local parts and dealer. My first thought was something went wrong with the top end build. According to the shop those parts still look brand new.

Not sure about the price to fix, will call a friend at the local shop to get an estimate. Where in N.C do you live? I'm in Gastonia, near Charlotte.

Kernersville, I will sign on tomorrow to see whats up. Thanks

Personally, it seems that the shop that sold it to you might have been somewhat to blame here. While they could always claim to have no knowledge of bottom end problems after doing a top end rebuild, any shop worth anything would have gone through the bike a little more thoroughly before putting it out on their floor and selling it to a local guy that they pretty much know is going to come back to them for parts or service. So for them to do the right thing, they should offer to do the work for cost of parts only or something to make up for the fact that the bike you JUST bought from them had a major failure in the first couple of hours after purchase. Sure, like I said, they don't have to offer any warranty, nor do they have to admit that they knew there was a potential problem, but if they want to do the right thing, then they should take care of you on this. If you bought it from a private party, then I would say you're screwed, but you didn't, you bought it from a shop, so the shop has some interest in maintaining a reputation and in cultivating and keeping their existing clientele. You haven't said who they were yet, and that is the right thing to do, don't bash them yet by saying who it is, ask them to do the right thing first. if they refuse, bash away - tell them that you are going to go onto TT and tell the world about your experience. Some might say, tough break kid, that's the way it goes, but others may agree with me and say the shop should have done right by you.

I agree with you on the shops reputation, they should be concerned. They have a lot of customers in the area. Now I have not gone off the deep end with them, just told him I felt like I got screwed on this one. He has already agreed to help out, but they have yet to give a quote or say just how much they are willing to do.

Sounds good that the shop's at least telling you that they'll work with you. Obviously, the proof's in the pudding so I truly hope that they'll follow through. Be sure that, should they do the right thing, that you give credit for their doing so. I consistantly go out of my way to patronize the local Suzuki shop, even though I ride blue. It's not because of bad service from other local dealers but entirely because of the extra effort they put forth every time I go in. :thumbsup:

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