Will it work?

Is it possible that a pro moto spark arrestor for a 450 will work on a 426? If not, why?

I don't think so. the midpipe bends are just a little different. i tried spare one a friend had & could not get the middle mount to line up on my '02 426. thankful i hadn't paid for it. might work if you have the 450 headpipe though, not sure...anybody else tried this compatablity?

Does the flange look the same on both bikes? I believe he is referring to the insert not the whole can. I do know Pro moto made one for the 426.

The insert should be the same.

Without looking into it, I would say I'm about 90% sure it won't work. Not only is the outside can a slightly different shape and size, the inside core diameter between the 426 and 450 are also different.

The screen itself inside the PMB end cap are all the same, but the end caps are different. I have a couple 426 and 450 end caps and mufflers out in my shop I'll try to look at later to be positive.

The midpipe mounts are different also, but I believe he's talking about the Pro Moto Billet end cap only. ?

Does the flange look the same on both bikes? I believe he is referring to the insert not the whole can. I do know Pro moto made one for the 426.

You're right - my bad. i just went out & examined it more closely & there is no other aftermarket name on the pipe. i assume this must be a stock 450 system with the Pro Moto insert. just saw the name on the end cap & ass- umed. checked their website & they do not make systems-just caps & sparkys.

Sorry for the confusion guys, I am talking about the end cap/insert only. I didn't know if the additional displacement of the 450's would necessitate a significant change in the exhaust can. At the very least, I figured that the 450 can would flow a higher amount of gases but hoped that the change would be a bigger bore vs. a significant o.d. of the can itself. Still, if anyone has access to both bikes, I would appreciate a look-see to be positive. I have a chance at a great deal on the 450 s.a. endcap and would hate to miss it because of a lack of info.

Ok, my 90% went to about 99%. I won't say it 100% won't work because anything can be made to work. If I got a PBM endcap for free, I'd probably make it work.

The can diameter on the 426, 450 and '06-up 450's got bigger every time. AFAIK, the '00-'02 426 can was the smallest and the core was the biggest (50mm). The '03-'05 can got a little bigger and the core went smaller (45mm). The '06 (not sure about the '07) can was bigger still, the core size I believe was still the smaller size, 45mm. (The core diameter change is a perfect example of bigger isn't always better. I built a few mufflers going bigger on the cores each time, believe me, a huge core doesn't equate to big HP, or at least good throttle response.)

You could possibly machine down the flange of the 450 PMB end cap to fit inside the 426 can, but the core opening would also have to be opened up 5mm, or the end of the core sized down to fit in the end cap. Anything's possible but the end cap would have to be free to make it worth the time.

Hope that helps, sorry it's not better news. How much are you talking about paying for this end cap? And is it for an early or late model 450?

Thanks for the info. It's for early 450 03' to 05'. I may be able to get it for less than $30 new.

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