oil temp on an 06 650l?

My bike runs nicely at 220-230 until I hit the highway, then 250 it is. I'm going to look into notching my fender or a different one. I am also going to before I do anything, see what amsoil 20/50 does. I've had great luck with it. I may change the oil today, but my damn right wrist is so buggered up that I may wait.

Note to self. BRPs do not come down from wheelies and stop like CRF250Xs do. Give self more time when doing so or bushes disapear, and wrists get severely sprained or worse.

It is normal to have a higher temp when running at highway speed. Two weeks ago when I still had the Mobil1 10-40 in the bike, I was running 75 mph on the "I" for about 20-30 minutes and my temp got up to 275. It was around 93-95 degrees out. Last week, making the same rush hour ride at about 90 degrees out, with the Mobil1 20-50 my temp never climbed above 250. My front fender is stock and the tank shrouds were removed when I went to a Clarke 4.0 gallon tank. The only other difference between the two days is the rear sprocket. I went down one tooth from the stock 15/45 set-up to a 15/44, so the RPM was down slightly.


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