Dual sported XR650R price in California?

Hey everyone, I'm looking at a lot of bikes right now to satisfy my dual sport fantasies. I'm located in San Diego, and new dirt to dual sport conversions are not allowed in California.

I'm pretty experienced on the street, but a relative novice offroad. I am looking at a 2003 dual sported XR650R. It seems to have been immaculately cared for with very little use. However, the guy wants just under $5000. Is that outrageous, or does it hold its value that well because of the relative rarity of a street legal XR650R?

Thanks for your help fellas. I'm also thinking about a DRZ400S in case you have any advice on which bike is better (for me).

That sounds a bit high but not outrageous depending on the condition of the bike and extras. For example, I got mine (01 xrr, plated, looked pretty rough) for 2K and did a full frame up rebuild (everything but the lower end). With the supermoto setup I'm now in way over 5K, but its fresh, strong and I wont have to worry about anything, fingers crossed :thumbsup:

5K is alot, you can get it plated in AZ w/ an AZ address. offer him 3500

Paid $3,700 for my '00 plated 650R with tons of mods & low hours. Seems like the bikes a fetching a premium in Cali if they're plated.

You have been listening to vicious rumors. I got my '06 xrr plated in CA. and it was no problem at all. I have previously posted the details and how easy it was to do, but I guess people just love to keep spreading the BS like they know something. Kentucky Fried Rat anyone? I got my BRP at LA cycles, $5999. out the door. BD kit and DOT tires will add to cost, but ya own a virgin! Mine got plated without DOT tires (since changed to some Metzelers), but its your signed, sworn, word on the DMV form that your bike complies to the CHP form 888, ( a list of regulations for CA motor vehicles). A lights inspection and pass certificate is the only other thing req. You must have the original Title for the DMV though, so if its not in your hand, pre arrange with the bank or whoever to get it sent to DMV. Whichever way you go, you wont be dissapointed with an xr650r, un corked of course! good luck!

paid 3600 for an '01 with a lot of farkles and plate this summer. I bought it out of state and got me a WI plate by tranfering it. Can't plate a new bike here anymore, just like in CA, but I bet you can still get one in AZ and bring it to CA with the AZ street title.


If I lived in cali, I might drive for a deal. Here in the middle of the country

(memphis) you can get em new for 5-6K. Local dealers had same 06 on the showroom floor for 5500 for 6 months. Seen em on sale in the cycle trader

for $4988 new a few times. They just dont sell around here cuz these

bikes need open space riding. Some guys love em and some dont.

I love mine, but I've always liked the big bikes. Got mine-02 w/DS kit,

edelbrock carb,yoshi pipe on ebay for $2650.EC, but w/shot tires.

Guy I bought t from said he wasnt gonna go under $3000 but his other

stuff got sold for more than he expected so...he lowered the reserve

and I got an exc. deal.

As far as a650r being a noobs first dirt ride......theres definately easier

bikes to learn on.:thumbsup::devil: The xr650r is a TORQUE MONSTER!!!

Good Luck,


Whatch it you will see a lot of these so called plated bikes being sold for parts in the next couple of years. Best bet is to find an already street legal dual sport, original intent as manufactured will be the key here! Go get that new husky, or apprilla. And welcome to TT lots of good guys with a lot of answers here, just look out for the spam.

Thanks for all the info so far everyone. I don't think I'll be buying that particular 650R. I am going on (another) deployment with the Navy in April and I don't want to rush into anything just because I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!!

I guess I'll wait and see what is available when I get back and decide then.

I'm a little confused about getting a new bike plated in CA. To me it sounds like you're relying on the incompetence of the DMV worker to not know what they are looking at is incorrect. Don't you think they might figure it out? I would just be worried that the plate might be taken back at some point in the future after going through all the trouble to get it.

FACT: dmv is pulling the plates on bikes plated after jan 04, MAYBE you will get lucky and they will miss you....GOOD luck......or buy a plated bike out of state and bolt on an odometer that reads 7500 or better and reggie it in cali... no worries then FYI , I paid 3900 for my 2000 with 600 miles on with a huge list of add ons. cali does demand premium prices on a plated R, BUT well worth it!

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