Quick Question about Choke, JD kit and headlights.

Hi All,

Just wondering if someone could tell me what jets come with the WR450F JD Jetting Kit as im planning to get a couple of main jets and i might consider just getting the JD kit. Also where can i buy a choke plunger for my carby because when i pull the choke knob out, the plastic clip on the choke plunger doesnt hold the choke out anymore - and i think if i chase one up locally it will probably sting me $100!

Another thing, my bike has a twin headlight on it, and to cut a long story short, my reg is pumping 16 - 30V, im pretty sure it stuffed up because the headlights are both wired together and they are 50W each + horn etc.

So im buying a new reg from TT OEM and setting up my headlights so one is a wide beam light and the other will be a narrow beam light and wire them seperately on the hi/low beam switch, now i will be installing a GPS on my bike soon and wanted to know if my reg and stator will be capable of handling a 50W headlight, 20W brake/taillight, blinkers which are 5w each - 2 at any 1 time, probably wont worry about a horn anymore - AND charge my gps at the same time.

do GPS's drag much current? its an explorist 500, and how should i go about hooking it into my ac system? rectifier and cap just for the gps? if so what size cap would i need?

also would little led rear blinkers work ok off AC, or should i run them off a rectifier as well?

By the way, i dont really want to change over to a DC system (Stator and Reg) because i would like to keep the ignition and lighting seperate how yamaha designed it.

Well, Thanks in Advance Everyone.:thumbsup:

Dont know about the electrical questions on your bike. The plunger should be cheap, I do have a stock one should you need it. I installed a Dubach unit that cost like 29.00 on Ebay (brand new). The key to JD's kit is the needles (custom) and the tricks with the orings. You wont go wrong with his kit! But if your buying jets at this time of year (colder) buy richer ones. Probably all sizes 165-172's, that should cover you well enough.

yeah i was planning on buying jets 165, 168, 170 + 172, do you know if the JD kit comes with those 4 jets?

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