First time questions

Ok well ive just purchased myself a 02 426 which was only opened from the crate in 04 so techincally its only 2 years old. This bike is lovely and its my first thumper as ive only ever had a couple of 2 strokes.

Although i have probably less then 10 hours of riding under my belt i decided to buy a 426 and dive right in. This bike (when i can get her started :thumbsup: ) is an animal as you're all very much aware of. But yes im sure plenty of people have asked how to start a thumper, and im no exception. From what the previous owner told me and what i can remember, i kick it a few times with the decompression lever in then get the kick in position and just 'slip' the decompression lever as i kick. This worked a total of 2 times and ive since got a very sore and achey foot (wasnt wearing proper boots at the time :smirk: ) So i need some pointers i guess on how to start her properly, ive read somewhere on the internet todo the following.

Kick it a few times with decompression lever in, get it to TDC and kick smooth but fast. - The only problem with this is i dont know when im at TDC!

Or theres my current way which doesnt really work much and hurts alot, is to kick her a few times with the decompression lever in, then get the kick ready and slip the decompression lever as i kick.

As i dont know much about fours ive decided to come here and ask, ive also made it pop when i tried to kick it, im not sure if this is normal but i thought id better check to see if i was doing any damage.

Any advice is really apperciated as i really want to get out and ride this more:ride: Its just not cool when you cant start you're own bike :devil:

Lol...if you do a search you will find a million threads on this but since I am a giver I will tell you how I used to do it before I installed the auto decomp. cam. Keep in mind that you probably will not find two 426 owners that start thier bike the same way...but for me I never had to kick more than twice doing it like this:

Pull choke, twist throttle wide open and then release. remove hand from throttle and put it on the brake reservoir.

Slowly kick the engine over until you feel the strong are now just below TDC.

Pull in the compression release and move the kickstarter about 1 - 2 inches...basically just enough to get it past TDC. Let the kickstarter back up.

Let go of the compression release, keep your hand off the throttle and give it a good healthy kick! Braaaap!

Thanks again for your response, and yeah i should have searched which i did but i found mixed results so i thought it'd be better to ask!

All been a success with me now able to actually start it first kick :thumbsup: Although still in alot of pain from the previous million or so kicks.

As for the backfiring/pop - is this normal should i except it from time to time when kicking it?

If it's backfiring, you may be running lean. I'm assuming the weather has gotten colder, and this can result in a lean condition. I would read up on the "Fuel Screw" and how to adjust it. An occasional "Pop", or backfire on deceleration, is normal. If it backfires a lot, than it needs the fuel screw adjusted and/or rejetting.

twist throttle wide open and then release.


I start by:

-use choke or hot start

-hold in decomp lever and kick through maybe 2 or 3 times (not always needed)

-find TDC at about 9 oclock (not touching decomp lever)

-crack the decomp lever after find TDC and move your foot about 1 inch past TDC

-come back all the way to 12 oclock

-then kick all the way through with no throttle.

should start 1st or 2nd kick every time with a bit of practice. Good Luck!

That's funny, Doug Dubach said to give a cold 426 one or two twists before cranking in the video he made for Yamaha. :thumbsup:
That's funny, Doug Dubach said to give a cold 426 one or two twists before cranking in the video he made for Yamaha. :thumbsup:

didn't work for me.:devil:

i had problems starting my 426 when i first bought it. at the time, i gave the throttle a twist 2 in the starting procedure. the funny thing is, i could never get it started. now that i never touch the throttle, it starts 1st or 2nd kick everytime, hot or cold.

i'm relating to personal experience, not a video. maybe there's something i missed inbetween because it really ****ed me over when i first started riding this bike.

Try to kick my 02' 426 without cracking throttle after it's sat awhile and all you'll do is get a lot of exercise! After she's warm, no cracking the throttle or you'll foul the plug. Never give her gas while kicking and always give a full kick each time, nothing radical but just a plain 'ol full kick. Yes, it does take practice but eventually it becomes second nature. Oh yeah, by the way, if you stall it after the motor's been run for awhile, remember to pull the red button (hot start), not the black (cold start or choke). Congrats on acquiring the 02'. Hope you end up loving yours as much as I love mine!:thumbsup:

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