Good price? 2005 XL650

i am about to buy an 05 XL. 4K miles with a few mods (larger tank, bark busters, etc) nothing major. all oem parts included. asking price is $4700.

decent? i am thinking of offering much much lower but still settling on a price below the listed price.


I have a 07 with 124 miles I will sell for $400 more brand new

pm for picks

welcome to TT. Price seems high to me, got an 04 with 3K miles all stock for $3300. and did you mean xr650L not xl650? I say shop around you can find one cheaper and well taken care of, your better off with a totally bone stocker, you know whats been done to it. And how well it was done!

sounds a little high offer a lot lower

I just bought a brand new 2006 xr650r for $4,999 from the dealer

thanks for the responses. there arent too many used out on the market. i guess that says something about the bike. and yes i do mean an xr650l. (i'm lazy).

anyway, saw the bike yesterday. it is not in as good a shape as the owner said it was in his ad. looked like the 10% he spent on the dirt did a number on the plastics. he wouldnt budge on price either.

i'll keep looking. any suggestions on what i need to look for on a used xr650l?

Look for any model 2000-06 all the same except the graphics, miles doesnt really matter, they run forever if maintained, just take a look at the oil on the dipstick, will tell lots about how the bike has been maintained. As stated earlier look for an all stock bike chances are it has not been punished, and you know exactly what you have. check out ebay for bikes and good examples of what they sell for. You should be able to find a nice one for $3000-3500. Good luck, let us know what you find and dont be afraid to ask for second opinions here on TT.

Welcome, SD_Frontier...To Thumpertalk....

There is always a asking price and the taking price...IMO...


Why you sellin?

I have a 07 with 124 miles I will sell for $400 more brand new

pm for picks

Why you sellin?

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