05 YZ450F manual needed

Hey all I just picked up a new '05 yz450 and I really need the service manual, but don't wanna give yamaha another $60 to give me a manual...any chance you guys could help me out? :devil:

I did a search all over for it and all that comes up is the '03 and the links don't work anymore anyways.

Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:

You can download a Euro version in PDF from here:


...but you won't be able to print it.

If you just bought a new bike from a dealer, it comes with a manual unless you agreed to something different at the time of the sale. So far as I know, the dealer automatically gets one for each new bike, and is expected to provide to the new owner.

I actually bought a salvage title bike, it is new never riden but was "salvaged" because of an accident at the warehouse it was sitting in and somewhere along the way the manual was lost.

Thanks for that link, that should give me the info I was after :thumbsup:

Try #bay,

They show up from time to time, and I got an 04' brand new Manual for about $ 15 including shipping.

The guy I purchased my 06 450 from also included an 05 service manual?? that you can have for the postage if your interested. I won't be able to ship it until the 27th. If you are interested send me a PM with your address.

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