CA DMV..I'm pulling my hair out

Went in today to renew the registration for the plate on my WR400F at the Escondido DMV and cannot believe the lack of knowledge the DMV staff has. First, I told the lady that I have a dual sported dirt bike and I needed to renew my plate, the green is still current. She asked me TWICE if I was sure that I had a license plate. This is after I handed her my title with my Motorcycle's license plate number on it!!! AAAAGGGHHH....Then I asked her if I was going to get a reneweal notice for my green sticker in June and she got confused AGAIN!!!! I was going to try and renew my green sticker early, but I figured I better drop it before she calls over a supervisor and tries to take away my green sticker....eventhough it was dual sported before the deadline. The lady did not even know what a green sticker was, or what a dual sport bike was. I couldn't believe it. Thank god I was able to get my new registration sticker for my plate without any hassle. :devil::thumbsup:

Pay by mail or online, then you don't have to deal with the incompetent DMV clerks.

I know...i wish I could've, but I haven't recieved my renewal notice in the they suck.

I didn't think you had to get a green sticker if you had a plate?

I didn't think you had to get a green sticker if you had a plate?

You don't have to, but if you have a green sticker you can run your bike stripped down (no lights, etc) in legal off-road areas. I have one bike set up with both a plate and green sticker.

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