Honda 650R suspension

Im a 245 pound rider. The suspension on my bike is too soft and i know how to adjust it but its not working. There is zero dampening on the rear shocks but there is no oil leak on the shock. Is there anybody familiar with the stock suspension on a 650R?

what year?? it hasnt changed for along time and im not even sure how adjustible that suspenstion is ... for the front atleast id dump a little more oil in the front to stiffin it up and play with the settings on the back my dad has the same bike and its also very soft even for me i weigh 150 if u cant get it u might have to hunt down some stiffer springs

AT 245lbs you definately need some stiffer springs. If you have the cheese I would just send it off to suspension company. Your bike would be completely differant with a suspension revalve.

At your size you absolutely, positively, without a doubt need to put stiffer springs in it.

You will need at least .47 fork springs (.43 is stock) and I would go with at least a 10.8 or higher rear shock spring (I run an 11.0, 9.2 is stock). Your stock valving will work with these springs, but it is best to revalve everything to match the new characteristics of the stiffer springs.

I float around 250lbs (depending on how hard I can hit the gym based on my work schedule), and these spring rates are the ones that Race Tech recommends for this rider weight range.

If you are thinking of doing the suspension youself there are links to Fork and shock for the XR650R pages here:

There are spring charts, shim charts .............there are links that take you to pages that show you set by step how to rebiuld the shock and step by step on how to take the forks apart. It's not laid out the best but, if you just keep clicking on anything clickable you'll find what you need sooner or latter.

Shock spring would be 11.0kg/mm and fork springs would be .47kg/mm

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