06 Question (rear alignment)

when looking at the bike from the back does your rear fender seem to be off center? I thought my sub-frame was bent and I have been tweaking it all night but, I can't tell if I got it straight. Taking measurements from anywhere on that sub-frame is useless. Each side is totally different, even the mounts for the fender. Then I realized the tire really isn't in the center of the swing-arm so when lining up the tire and the point of the fender it looks crooked. Its not a big deal but, just wondered if anyone else noticed this? Thanks!!

:devil: Sounds like a RMZ.They are all off a little.:thumbsup:

It's the fender. Don't sweat it. Light plastic is not a high precision material.

With the fender off is there a way to measure to see if the sub-frame is bent or do you guys just eye it up best you can? Thanks!!

To me, the important thing about the sub frame is that the center of the fender just behind the air box centers up over the top of the rear wheel and nothing rubs. It's far more important that the chain runs straight and both wheels are true vertical and lined up on the steering axis.

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