Dry break system ???

Can anyone tell me about the dry brake system for tanks?:thumbsup:

I am looking into a Large capacity tank and am not sure what the advantages of a dry brake system are if any. In fact I know nothing about the dry brake system so any input will help.:devil:


Blade man

only advantage is faster fill ups with the right gas can. great for loong distance racing.

a dry break is basically a spring loaded setup that you push in to fill with the nozzle on the can, pull the can off, and the spring seals the cap. no screwing on/off.

dry brakes are mostly for racing. quick pit stops save huge amounts of time. the down side is the cost and the need for a dry brake dumper.

You need a special dump can for the dry-break system. If you don't have the dump can then it is a pain and very slow getting gas in, especially with a regular fuel jug. You are way better off getting a regular screw on type if you're not racing. If you're racing the dry-break is a huge benefit. You can get a dry break tank with a screw on adapter to go back and forth between dry break and screw-on type. It only takes a couple minutes to unscrew and change out.

Thanks for the input guys. Not sure what I will get yet but at least I know something about them now. Thinking about racing but not sure that I can aford it yet.

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